What is ADA Service?

Yolobus Special
Effective 4/1/09

What is the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990?
The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides comprehensive civil rights protection for individuals with disabilities.  Signed into law in 1990, ADA guarantees equal opportunity in employment, public services, public transportation, public accommodations and telecommunications for individuals with disabilities. 

In the public transportation section, the ADA clearly emphasizes nondiscriminatory access to fixed-route bus service with complementary paratransit service acting as a “safety net” for people who cannot use the fixed-route system.

ADA Paratransit Service in Yolo County is provided by Yolobus Special and Davis Community Transit.  It is available on a prearranged basis for any trips proposed within the designated service area.

What is “Complementary Paratransit Service”?
Complementary Paratransit Service is a door-to-door, lift-equipped transportation service.  Yolobus Special & Davis Community Transit operate within the same times and to the same places as fixed-route buses.  Public fixed-route transportation systems must be accessible to persons with disabilities.  However, the law requires “complementary paratransit service” if buses are not accessible or if a disability prevents a person from using public transportation.

Who is Eligible for “Complementary Paratransit Service”?
You may be eligible to use Complementary Paratransit Service if:

  1. You have a qualifying disability under ADA, AND
  2. You cannot ride a wheelchair-accessible Yolobus or Unitrans fixed-route bus due to a functional disability you have, AND
  3. You travel within or between Woodland, Davis, West Sacramento, downtown Sacramento, or the Airport, AND
  4. You travel during the days and hours described in this brochure, AND
  5. If you have a wheelchair, it is no more than 32” X 48” and weighs less than 600 lbs occupied,  AND
  6. You do not require urgent medical care (this is not an ambulance service), AND
  7. You have filed a registration form with one of the transit operators listed in this brochure.  Eligibility will be determined on a case-by-case basis, and in some cases, on a trip-by-trip basis.

Out-of-Area Visitor Riding Privilege
Yolobus Special will provide rides for up to 21 calendar days in a year for ADA-certified persons who are visiting from outside the Yolo County paratransit service area.  At the time of making your trip request, let the reservationist know you are visiting from another area and by which paratransit system you have been certified.  If you require paratransit service beyond the 21-day limit, you must become certified for Yolobus Special ADA paratransit service.

Application Process for Paratransit Service
Step 1: Request an ADA Paratransit Application
Call 530-666-2877 or 1-800-371-2877 to request an application by mail.  Yolobus representatives are available from 7:00am to 6:00pm, 7 days a week.  You will be asked to provide some personal & mobility information.  Yolobus will provide paratransit service to you for up to 21 days during the time period in which you are filling out your application.

Step 2: Complete the ADA Paratransit Application
Completely fill out every page of the application.  A qualified Health Care Professional must complete the Professional Verification Form portion of the application.  When complete, return the application to Yolobus.  Once Yolobus receives your application, Yolobus is required to make a decision on your eligibility within 21 days.  Yolobus will provide paratransit service to you during this 21 day eligibility determination.  If Yolobus does not make a decision within 21 days, Yolobus will continue to provide paratransit service to you until a decision has been made.

Step 3: Determining your eligibility
Yolobus will send you written notification of your eligibility. 

Eligibility will fall into one or more of these four categories:
Category # 1: Due to a disability, you are unable to use Yolobus fixed-route and therefore need point-of-origin to point-of-destination paratransit service. 
Category #2: Due to the fluctuation or sporadic occurrence of your disability, you sometimes have the ability to navigate the Yolobus fixed-route and therefore need paratransit service only for trips or parts of trips that you cannot complete by fixed route. 
Category #3: Due to a disability, you are unable to travel to a boarding or disembarking location or wait in inclement weather for Yolobus fixed-route and therefore you need paratransit service only to and from a bus stop. 
Category #4: You are determined ineligible for paratransit service.  If you disagree with the category to which you are assigned, you have the right to appeal.  Call Yolobus for more information.

If you have been notified as “eligible”, you may begin requesting reservations on Yolobus Special.

Making Reservations
Reservations for Yolobus Special are taken daily from 7:00am to 6:00pm, including holidays.  Ride requests may be made one to seven days in advance.  Same-day rides will be accepted only if there is capacity on the bus.

When you call, the reservationist will “Negotiate your trip” by searching for available space up to one hour on either side of the pick-up time you request.  If space exists, you will be offered a “ready time.” 

Once you have a “ready time,” you will be given a 30-minute “pick-up window.” You will need to be ready to go at the beginning of your “pick-up window.”  For example, if your ready time is 8:00am, your “pick-up window” is from 7:45am to 8:15am. Write down the “ready time” and the “pick-up window.”

When you call, please have paper, pencil and the following information available:  first and last name, the date of your requested trip, your preferred pick-up and return times, your origin and destination addresses and phone numbers (including building name and specific drop-off and pick-up information). 

For a medical appointment, include the name of the doctor and the suite number, agency sponsoring the ride, if any, if you will be traveling with an attendant, companion (including children), or service animal, if you or anyone accompanying you will be traveling using a wheelchair, scooter, or other equipment, and any other information the driver should know.

Yolobus Special Service Area
Downtown Sacramento ADA Map Yolobus Special serves the cities of Davis, West Sacramento, Woodland and portions of Sacramento.  By law, the service has to be available within 3/4 of a mile of all Yolobus non-commute fixed routes.

Local Paratransit Service within Davis
Operator: Davis Community Transit
Service Area: Davis within 3/4 of a mile of Yolobus routes 42A, 42B, 220 and all Unitrans lines.
Hours of Operation: Davis Community Transit is an advance reservation service that follows local fixed route hours.  Please call the reservation line for more information.
Reservation Line Hours:  8:00am to 5:00pm Daily
Reservation Line: (530) 747-8240
TDD: (530) 757-5666
Fare: $2 per one-way ride, $4 per one-way ride during premium times
Exact change required upon boarding.  Prepaid multiple-ride tickets are also available; please call the Reservation Line for prices.
Yolobus Special operates Intercity & Premium ADA services for Davis. 

Local Paratransit Service within West Sacramento
Operator: Yolobus Special
Service Area:  West Sacramento, Southport, and downtown Sacramento within 3/4 of a mile of Yolobus routes 35, 40, 41, 42A, 42B, & 240.
Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday:   5:14am-11:07pm
Saturday:  6:43am-10:02pm
Sunday/Holidays: 6:43am-10:02pm
Reservations Office Hours: 7:00am-6:00pm Daily
Phone Number: 530-666-2877 or 1-800-371-2877
Hearing/Speech Impaired: 530-757-5666
Fare: $3.00 one-way

Local Paratransit Service within Woodland
Operator: Yolobus Special
Service Area:  Woodland within 3/4 of a mile of Yolobus routes 42A, 42B, 210, 211, 212, 214 & 215. 
Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday: 5:45am-1:55am
Saturday:  5:45am-1:55am
Sunday/Holidays: 5:45am-1:55am
Reservations Office Hours:  8:00am-6:00pm Daily
Phone Number: (530) 666-2877
Hearing/Speech Impaired: (530) 757-5666
Fare:  $3.00 one way

Intercity Paratransit Service
Operator: Yolobus Special
Service Area:  within 3/4 of a mile from Routes 42A and 42B. 
Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday: 4:37am-11:48pm
Saturday:  6:05am-11:01pm
Sunday/Holidays: 6:05am-11:01pm
Reservations Office Hours:  8:00am-6:00pm Daily
Phone Number: (530) 666-2877
Hearing/Speech Impaired: (530) 757-5666
Fare:  $4.00 one way

Yolobus Special Premium Service
Premium service is not required under ADA but Yolobus Special may provide subject to space and scheduling availability.  Premium Services include transport into Sacramento beyond the ¾ of a mile from Yolobus fixed route service & must be used for medical related appointments and mobility-assist repair purposes only .  Premium Services provides above and beyond the required services and are not bound by ADA regulations and may be provided at the discretion of Yolobus.  Premium Services are not guaranteed and may be rescinded, particularly if such premium service prevents Yolobus from being able to meet ADA requirements.  Return trips cannot be guaranteed on same day trips.  
Hours of Operation: 7:00am-6:00pm
Premium Service Fare: $5.00 one way

If you do not qualify for Yolobus Special Premium Service and wish to travel within Sacramento County, ADA paratransit service within Sacramento County is operated by Paratransit Inc.
(916) 429-2009

Fares and Tickets
Woodland Local: $3.00 one way; $30.00 sheet of ten tickets
West Sacramento Local: $3.00 one way; $30.00 sheet of ten tickets
Davis Local (Davis Community Transit): $2.00 one way
Intercity: $4.00 one way; $40.00 sheet of ten tickets
Premium: $5.00 one way; $50.00 sheet of ten tickets
Personal Care Attendants: Free
Companions pay regular fare.

Holiday Service
On the following holidays, Yolobus Special operates on a Sunday schedule:  New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, & Christmas Day.

Keeping Your Eligibility and Information Up to Date
Please call Yolobus Special at (530) 666-2877 if there are any changes for the following:
-Your address or telephone number
-Your emergency contact name and telephone number
-The type of mobility device you are using
-Your physical or mental conditions
-Your need for a personal attendant
When a person is registered for ADA paratransit service and does not use the service for 12 consecutive months, he or she is considered an “inactive” and the file is “archived.”  If a reservationist informs you that you are an inactive customer, you will be asked to verify basic information in your file.  Yolobus Special will reactivate your records and provide you with service, provided your eligibility has not expired.   

Fixed-Route Transit Services
Service and Accessible Features: Yolobus provides fully accessible fixed-route service in the greater Yolo County area.  Yolobus encourages seniors and individuals with disabilities to take advantage of the independence and flexibility provided by its bus system, which offers the following services and accessible features: reduced fares for seniors and individuals with disabilities, free travel training, trip planning, priority seating for riders who have difficulty standing, and lift-equipped buses to assist riders who use wheelchairs. 

Travel Planning: Instructors are available through Yolobus to provide personal travel lessons, free of charge, to teach seniors and people with disabilities how to ride fixed-route buses, when possible.  For more information, call Customer Service at (530) 661-0816.

For Your Safety…
Seatbelts must be worn by all passengers.  Wheelchairs should have an operable and effective braking system which should remain engaged at all times while on the lift or while the vehicle is in motion.  Walkers must either be folded and stored between rows of seats, or secured in the same manner as wheelchairs. 

We reserve the right to require that your wheelchair be tied down to the floor where it is possible to do so.  If you are in a wheelchair, there must be a sturdy ramp if there are steps at either your pickup or drop off location. 

Ramps must be sloped at no more than a one inch rise for every 12 inch of horizontal travel and be equipped with rails on each side which prevent the wheels of the chair from rolling off the edge.

Eating, drinking and smoking are not permitted on the bus.  For safety reasons, only two bags or packages per passenger are permitted on the vehicle, unless otherwise approved by the transportation provider.

This service is not an ambulance service.  It is part of public transportation network.  Your ride will be shared with other registered riders traveling in the same time frame.  Neither the vehicles nor the drivers are equipped to provide medical care.   

Passengers must comply with public health standards while on the bus.  We will not transport persons who constitute a public health or safety hazard to themselves or others, due to bleeding, loss of body fluids, urgent medical condition or unsafe behavior.  Persons who require constant medical monitoring should not use this service without an attendant.

Drivers are not permitted to: Transfer passengers from wheelchairs to vehicle seats, lift or carry riders or wheelchairs, secure child safety systems into the vehicle or children into such seats or carry luggage, groceries or other bags.  We reserve the right to modify or add to these safety rules at anytime.

General Policies:
- Exact Fare Only, drivers do not carry change.
-Shirt, shoes, pants must be worn at all times.
-No Hazardous substances allowed on bus.
-No eating, drinking or smoking.
-No unsealed liquids.
-Animals are not allowed on the bus, except those trained to assist their disabled owners.
-Yolobus may refuse service to any person endangering other passengers, the driver or the bus.
-In the event of a misunderstanding, please pay the fare and call 530-666-2877 or 1-800-371-2877        

Cancellation Policy: The Cancellation Line is open 24 hours a day. The minimum cancellation notice required for trips that are not needed is two hours.  If your travel plans change or you will not be ready to board at your “ready time,” please call Yolobus.  Multiple cancellations with fewer than two hours notice without a compelling reason could result in suspension of service.

No Show Policies: Anyone who, within any given 30 day period, has more than 2 unexcused no shows or late cancellations will receive a suspension in service:
First suspension in six months: 7 Days
Second suspension in six months: 14 Days
Third suspension in six months: 30 Days
Abusive, disruptive or unsafe behavior may result in immediate suspension of riding privileges.

Contact Us
Your paratransit service staff care what you think and welcome your compliments, complaints and suggestions.
Call Yolobus Special staff at (530) 666-2877.




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