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Route 230

Route 230 West Davis / Sacramento Express

Due to Arena Construction, Route 230 will no longer stop on L St from 10th to 5th streets.  The route will stop at Capitol Mall at 7th or 5th at Capitol Mall. Thank you for your understanding. 

Route 230 Express provides three morning and three afternoon trips, Monday-Friday, between West Davis and downtown Sacramento. Actual arrival times in Sacramento or Davis may vary due to traffic conditions.


AM Times are light type. PM Times are bold type.


F at Anderson 5:596:496:59
Covell at Sycamore 6:066:567:06
Arlington at Lake 6:127:027:12
Arlington at Shasta 6:147:047:14
Eisenhower at Amador 6:167:067:16
Arthur at Alameda 6:197:097:19
Capitol Mall at Front 6:447:347:44
J at 8th 6:487:387:48
9th at N 6:517:417:51
10th at N 6:557:457:55
16th at Capitol Ave. 6:577:477:57


H at 11th 4:324:425:02
15th at N 4:374:475:07
P at 13th 4:414:515:11
10th at N 4:434:535:13
Capitol Mall at 7th 4:484:585:18
Capitol Mall at Front 4:515:015:21
Arthur at Alameda 5:205:305:50
Eisenhower at Amador 5:235:335:53
Arlington at Shasta 5:255:355:55
Arlington at Lake 5:275:375:57
West Covell at Sycamore 5:315:416:01
F at Anderson 5:385:486:08


This route does not run on Saturdays

This route does not run on Sundays

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