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Route 230

Route 230 West Davis / Sacramento Express

Route 230 Express provides three morning and three afternoon trips, Monday-Friday, between West Davis and downtown Sacramento. Actual arrival times in Sacramento or Davis may vary due to traffic conditions.


AM Times are light type. PM Times are bold type.


F St. at Anderson 5:596:496:59
Covell at Sycamore 6:066:567:06
Arlington at Lake 6:127:027:12
Arlington at Shasta 6:147:047:14
Eisenhower at Amador 6:167:067:16
Arthur at Alameda 6:197:097:19
Capitol Mall at Front 6:447:347:44
J St. at 8th St. 6:487:387:48
9th St. at N St. 6:517:417:51
10th St. at N St. 6:557:457:55
16th St. at Capitol Ave 6:577:477:57


H St. at 11th St. 4:324:425:02
15th St. at N St. 4:374:475:07
P St. at 13th St. 4:414:515:11
10th St. at N St. 4:434:535:13
L St. at 5th St. 4:484:585:18
Capitol Mall at Front 4:515:015:21
Arthur at Alameda 5:205:305:50
Eisenhower at Amador 5:235:335:53
Arlington at Shasta 5:255:355:55
Arlington at Lake 5:275:375:57
West Covell at Sycamore 5:315:416:01
F St. at Anderson 5:385:486:08


This route does not run on Saturdays

This route does not run on Sundays

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