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Route 39

Route 39 Southport / Sacramento Commute

Route 39 provides four morning and four afternoon trips, Monday-Friday, between Southport and downtown Sacramento.


AM Times are light type. PM Times are bold type.


Marshall at Rivermont 5:356:057:057:35
Southport Parkway at Oakland Bay 5:416:117:117:41
Southport Parkway at Silverwood 5:446:147:147:44
Linden at Canvasback 5:516:217:217:51
Stonegate at Lake Washington 5:576:277:277:57
North Beach at Gateway 6:016:317:318:01
Park at Stone 6:046:347:348:04
Jefferson at 15th St. 6:096:397:398:09
J St. at 8th St. 6:226:527:528:22
9th St. at N St. 6:246:547:548:24
10th St. at N St. 6:286:587:588:28
16th St. at Capitol 6:307:008:008:30
L St. at 13th St. 6:327:02  
L St. at 6th St. 6:357:05  
Jefferson at Lake Washington 6:557:25  
Marshall at Rivermont 7:008:30  


H St. at 11th St. 3:354:055:055:35
15th St. at N St. 3:404:105:105:40
10th St. at N St. 3:464:165:165:46
L St. at 6th St. 3:514:215:215:51
3rd St. at Capitol Mall 3:544:245:245:54
15th St. at Alabama 4:034:335:336:03
Park at Stone 4:084:385:386:08
North Beach at Gateway 4:134:435:436:13
Stonegate at Lake Washington 4:174:475:476:17
Linden at Canvasback 4:234:535:536:23
Golden Gate at Twitchell 4:274:575:576:27
Southport Parkway at Oakland Bay 4:315:016:016:31
Otis at New Hogan 4:345:046:046:34
Jefferson at Lake Washington 4:415:11  
H St. at 11th St. 5:015:31  


This route does not run on Saturdays

This route does not run on Sundays

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