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Route 39

Route 39 Southport / Sacramento Commute

Route 39 provides four morning and four afternoon trips, Monday-Friday, between Southport and downtown Sacramento.


Fix 50 Route 39 Changes

Route 39 will travel via Tower Bridge into downtown Sacramento.  The bus stops located at the following locations will be closed April 22 through May 21 (eastbound project).

West Sacramento Bus Stop Closures:

  • Jefferson at Webster-Northbound, near side (in front of Chevron), Route 39 a.m.
  • Jefferson at 15th St.-Northbound, far side. Route 39 a.m.
  • Jefferson at Webster-Southbound, far side, Route 39 p.m.

Please board Route 39 in the morning at 15th St at Alabama

Sacramento Bus Stop Closures:

  • 5th St at O St-Northbound, far side, Route 39 a.m.
  • 5th St. at N St.-Northbound, Far side, Route 39 a.m.
  • 3rd st at Capitol Mall-Southbound, far side, Route 39 p.m.
  • 3rd St at P St.-Southbound, near side, Route 39 p.m.

Please Board Route 39 in the evening at Capitol Mall at Front St.

Click here for additional fix50 route 39 schedule.


AM Times are light type. PM Times are bold type.


Marshall at Rivermont 5:356:057:057:35
Southport Parkway at Oakland Bay 5:416:117:117:41
Southport Parkway at Silverwood 5:446:147:147:44
Linden at Canvasback 5:516:217:217:51
Stonegate at Lake Washington 5:576:277:277:57
North Beach at Gateway 6:016:317:318:01
Park at Stone 6:046:347:348:04
Jefferson at 15th St. 6:096:397:398:09
J St. at 8th St. 6:226:527:528:22
9th St. at N St. 6:246:547:548:24
10th St. at N St. 6:286:587:588:28
16th St. at Capitol 6:307:008:008:30
L St. at 13th St. 6:327:02  
L St. at 6th St. 6:357:05  
Jefferson at Lake Washington 6:557:25  
Marshall at Rivermont 7:008:30  


H St. at 11th St. 3:354:055:055:35
15th St. at N St. 3:404:105:105:40
10th St. at N St. 3:464:165:165:46
L St. at 6th St. 3:514:215:215:51
3rd St. at Capitol Mall 3:544:245:245:54
15th St. at Alabama 4:034:335:336:03
Park at Stone 4:084:385:386:08
North Beach at Gateway 4:134:435:436:13
Stonegate at Lake Washington 4:174:475:476:17
Linden at Canvasback 4:234:535:536:23
Golden Gate at Twitchell 4:274:575:576:27
Southport Parkway at Oakland Bay 4:315:016:016:31
Otis at New Hogan 4:345:046:046:34
Jefferson at Lake Washington 4:415:11  
H St. at 11th St. 5:015:31  


This route does not run on Saturdays

This route does not run on Sundays

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