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Operations, On-Time Performance, Transit & Route Planning, Grant Applications, Special Projects

Jose Perez, Deputy Director, Operations, Planning, Special Projects - jperez@yctd.org(530)402-2826
Kristen Mazur, Sr. Transportation Planner – kmazur@yctd.org(530)402-2874
Daisy Romero,Asst.Transportation Planner–dromero@yctd.org(530)402-2864

Finance, Accounting, Grants Management, Purchasing, Procurement

VACANT, Deputy Director, Finance, Grants and Procurement
Leticia Ambriz, Finance Associate, lambriz@yctd.org (530)402-2816

Information Technology

Chad Mikula, IT Specialist, cmikula@yctd.org (530)402-2818
Daniel Gomez, IT Assistant, dgomez@yctd.org (530)402-2883

Executive Director

Autumn Bernstein, Executive Director, abernstein@yctd.org (530)661-0816
VACANT, Executive Assistant,

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