How To Ride

  1. Plan your trip:
    1. Yolobus Trip Planning is available online at the Yolobus.com front page.  Enter in your trip information and the Trip Planner will generate directions for you.
    2. To confirm your trip, call Yolobus Customer Service at 530-666-2877.  Live representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to advise you on the best way to get to your destination.
    3. More detailed information for each bus route is available on the Yolobus Routes Page.
  2. At the bus stop:
    1. Plan to arrive at least five minutes prior the scheduled arrival time
    2. Check the bus stop sign for correct bus route and destination
    3. When the bus approaches, check the headsign for the correct bus route
    4. Signal to the driver by holding your hand up if you wish to board
  3. Boarding the bus:
    1. Please have exact fare ready as drivers do not carry change.  Click here for fare and pass information.
    2. If you are planning to connect with another Yolobus route to complete your trip, ask the driver for a transfer slip. The transfer slip is valid for two hours. However, you may not use it to complete a round-trip.
    3. The seats near the front of the bus are designated for seniors and disabled.  Proceed to a seat or if you must stand, use the handrails for safety.
    4. If you are in a wheelchair or would like to use the lift, the driver will help you board and secure you in a designated space.
    5. If you have a bicycle, click here for how to use your bike on Yolobus.
  4. While riding the bus:
    1. Please read our passenger safety policies, click here.
  5. Signal for your stop:
    1. Pull the cord or push a button to signal for your next stop.  You should notice a “Stop Request” buzzer and light come on so the driver knows to stop at the next bus stop.
  6. Exit the bus:
    1. Exit from either the front or rear door.  If you exit the rear door, you may have to step down or push the door sensor to exit.
    2. If you need the lift, ask and the driver will help you disembark.
    3. Don’t forget your belongings!




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