Yolobus Passenger Rules

effective September 9, 2019

Yolobus passengers have a right to a safe and comfortable ride from the beginning to the end of their trip. Each YOLOBUS passenger also has a responsibility to be respectful of each other, Yolobus drivers, and Yolobus equipment. The rules below apply to all persons riding Yolobus or using Yolobus facilities.

Passengers can inform the driver of any problem they are having with other passengers, or anyone at a bus stop/transfer station, and the driver will provide or call for assistance.

Passengers may not be aware that there are sections in the California Penal Code (PC) that cover violations on transit buses and/or transit facilities. Failure to comply can result in a citation from local law enforcement, or other authorized official, an extended removal/expulsion from the bus, and/or arrest.

  1. Pay your fare, have your pass or student ID ready upon boarding - operators cannot give change.
  2. Properly secure bicycles to bicycle racks. Always approach bike racks from the curbside of the bus. Yolobus is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen bicycles. “Jump” electric assist bikes and “Jump” electric assist scooters, and similar devices, are not allowed on the bus bike racks due to the weight of these devices or the design of the bike racks
  3. Foldable bikes and foot scooters are allowed on board if they are small enough to be safely stored between seats.
  4. Bring on board only what you can carry in one boarding trip, you can keep in control while the bus is in motion, and keep the aisles clear.
  5. Fold strollers, carts, and other foldable objects prior to boarding.
  6. Remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop. If you must stand, always hold on to a support.
  7. Give priority seating to seniors and persons with disabilities near the front of bus.
  8. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear while on the bus.
  9. Keep food and drinks unopened in sealed containers while on the bus.
  10. Be courteous to others-refrain from having loud and/or vulgar conversations on the bus, including cellular phone conversations.
  11. Report any suspicious items or activities immediately to the operator or call Yolobus.
  12. Help keep buses and bus stops clean by using trash and recycling receptacles.
  13. Quietly enjoy electronic devices, If such devices produce noise, headphones or earbuds should be used; however, we are not responsible if you miss your bus stop because you are distracted, or your listening device keeps you from hearing driver announcements.
  14. Keep Mobility Aids or Devices* properly stowed or secured. Most mobility aids or devices (e.g., walkers, canes, crutches, scooters, etc.) can be accommodated on the bus, subject to limitations established by the bus, wheelchair ramp and lift manufacturers, as well as wheelchair tie-down manufacturers.
  15. DO NOT eat, drink, or smoke on the bus. Exception: A passenger may drink a non-alcoholic beverage if it is in a spill-proof container (e.g., drink cans with pop tops and soft drinks in fast-food cups with flimsy lids are NOT allowed, because they are prone to spilling).
  16. DO NOT bring animals on the bus, except service animals.
  17. DO NOT carry weapons or any dangerous, flammable, hazardous or illegal items that can cause a hazard or inconvenience, including car batteries or gasoline.
  18. DO NOTcommit any act or engage in any behavior that may cause harm, damage, or disturbance to any person or property.
  19. DO NOT talk to or otherwise distract the operator while the bus is in motion.
  20. DO NOT solicit, panhandle, advertise, make unreasonable announcements, or create unsanitary conditions on the buses or at bus stops.
  21. DO NOT leave children unattended or let them run in the bus. It is strongly recommended that children 11 and under ride with someone age 12 or over.
  22. DO NOT extend any portion of the body or objects through any window or opening of the bus.
  23. DO NOT stand on a skateboard, ride a scooter, wear in-line or roller skates in the bus. Keep sporting goods equipment stowed, secured, and clear of the aisles.
  24. DO NOT run after the bus after it has left its stop. Yolobus may pick up and drop off passengers at designated bus stops only.
  25. DO NOT offer gifts or gratuities (food, drink, money, services, etc) to the operator.
  26. DO NOT walk in front of the bus after disembarking. If you need to remove your bicycle, notify the operator as you leave.

For your safety, please cooperate with your operator in every way possible. Yolobus may refuse service to persons who do not abide by these rules. Failure to comply with any of these rules while on Yolobus property may violate one or more of the following: California Penal Codes (CPC) 594 or 640, or Public Utilities Code (PUC) 99170. *

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please call YOLOBUS: 530-666-2877 or 1-800-371-2877.


* Prohibited Acts, Other Rules

Evasion of fare: 640(b)(l) PC. Evasion of the payment of any fare of the system is a violation. This includes failure to show identification for reduced fare when requested and using outdated passes and transfers.

Misuse of any transfer: 640 (b)(2) PC. Misuse of any transfer, pass, ticket, or token with the intent to evade the payment of any fare is a violation. Prohibited Acts, Other Rules

Playing sound equipment on the bus without a listening device: 640(b)(3) PC. Playing sound equipment on the bus without headphones or earbuds in use is a violation. Portable radio or other sound producing equipment without connected headphones or earbuds must be turned off and kept off while riding the bus. In the event a passenger chooses to use a headphone or earpiece, Yolobus is not responsible if that passenger misses their bus stop due to not hearing the driver.

Smoking. eating. drinking on the bus: 640(b)(4) PC. Smoking, eating, and drinking on the bus is a violation. If a passenger has a bottle of water or soda, the cap must be placed back on prior to boarding the bus, and the drink must be put away for the duration of the trip. Drinks in Styrofoam, plastic, or paper cups are not permitted, even with a lid on them, because they are prone to spilling. The same guidelines apply to food. Smoking is not allowed on the bus at any time.

Expectorating (spitting) on the bus: 640(b)(5) PC. If a passenger spits while on the bus, he/she may be cited and expelled from the bus for two weeks.

Willfully disturbing others/Swearing: 640(b)(6) PC. Passengers are not to yell or swear at the driver or each other while the bus is in motion. Be courteous to the driver and all passengers and use appropriate language. Failure to comply may result in a citation from local law enforcement, or other authorized official, and expulsion from the bus for two weeks.

Graffiti; 640.5 PC. Any person who defaces with graffiti or other inscribed material to the interior or exterior of a Yolobus bus may be cited by local law enforcement or other authorized official and expelled from riding any Yolobus bus for thirty days.

There are other penal code sections that cover other violations regarding transit, which are also strictly enforced. Failure to comply with the Yolobus rules or the California Penal Code may result in a citation and/or expulsion from the bus. Remember that Yolobus buses and some transfer areas may have several cameras operating at all times. Yolobus management and local law enforcement officials may view the videos. Violations captured on video may result in citations, arrests, and/or expulsion from the transit system.

Anyone expelled from riding the buses for any of the above-listed violations or other crimes on/at any bus or transfer location may be cited by law enforcement and/or arrested. In the case of youth, this may result in additional punishment from the student's school administrators. Yolobus staff will be working with school administrators and parents/guardians to ensure safe and compliant behavior throughout the transit system. Yolobus officials reserve the right to request youth photo IDs, returning such to the issuing school for students violating these rules.

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