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Route 241

Route 241 West Sacramento / Sacramento Commute

Due to Arena Construction, Route 241 will no longer stop on L St from 10th to 5th streets.  The route will stop at Capitol Mall at 7th. Thank you for your understanding. 

Route 241 provides two morning and two afternoon trips, Monday-Friday, between downtown Sacramento and the Industrial Blvd/Enterprise Blvd area.


AM Times are light type. PM Times are bold type.


L at 13th 6:587:28
Capitol Mall at 7th 7:027:32
Capitol Mall at Front 7:047:34
Tower Bridge Gtwy at Raley Field 7:067:36
Merkley at West Capitol 7:097:39
West Capitol at Harbor 7:187:48
Harbor at Beacon 7:217:51
Seaport at Postal Facility 7:267:56
West Capitol at Enterprise 7:308:00
West Capitol at Harbor 7:348:04
West Capitol at Merkley 7:418:11
Tower Bridge Gtwy at Raley Field 7:438:13
Capitol Mall at Front 7:458:15
J at 8th 7:488:18
9th at K 7:508:20


9th at K 4:074:37
Capitol Mall at 7th 4:114:41
Capitol Mall at Front 4:134:43
Tower Bridge Gtwy at Raley Field 4:154:45
Merkley at West Capitol 4:214:51
West Capitol at Harbor 4:305:00
Harbor at Beacon 4:335:03
Seaport at Postal Facility 4:385:08
West Capitol at Enterprise 4:425:12
West Capitol at Harbor 4:465:16
West Capitol at Merkley 4:535:23
Tower Bridge Gtwy at Raley Field 4:555:25
Capitol Mall at Front 4:575:27
J at 8th 5:005:30
H at 11th 5:035:33


Please check the schedule for Saturday times

Please check the schedule for Sunday times.

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